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There are few things more primal & naturally beautiful than to sing – you’re on your way to something very special…

Singing Lessons for Beginners – One-on-One 

For some, learing to sing can be a little daunting… So it’s very important to have a positive & light-hearted environment! It is always great to work with determined beginners; but like all arts, singing lessons require practice, ambition & passion.

We share your passion, so we want you to get the most from your lessons – that’s why we tailor our training structure to the individual.

Our packages include the following essential items with your enrolment:

  • Vocal / Singing Lessons with our tertiary qualified staff – (one-on-one, for excellent results)
  • Elite Vocal Academy’s mp3 Vocal Exercises – tailored to development of vocal technique
  • Access to available studio resources – learning resources, instruments, books, sheet music etc.

Technical Skills Covered Include:

  • Breath Management
  • Alignment/Posture/Core-Strength
  • Exploration of tonality
  • Twang & Belt – Vocal efficiency
  • Vocal Agility
  • Aural Training & General Musicianship
  • Sight singing
  • Range Extension (Higher & Lower)
  • Genre & Phrasing
  • Vocal Stamina Development
  • Tension Management
  • Vocal Health Instruction & Rehabilitation


Singing Lessons for HSC Students | Teens | Young adults –

With teens & young adults, we introduce some simple pedagogy concepts for a developing vocal technique. Students learn aspects of singing like breathing, support, posture as well as gather an insight into how the voice works – the basis of any versatile singer.

Song interpretation and selection are additional tools of importance for any young singers; whether you are an aspiring musician or HSC student looking for your best song/mark.


Advanced Vocal Coaching for Singers | Vocalists | Artists –

Coaching for those serious about their craft and finding a career are handled on a case-by-case basis. We are firm believers that there cannot be a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to your unique sound.

Lessons vary in content, frequency and duration according to what your goals and situation may be.


Vocal Training for Advanced Singers & Performers


A common concern we’ve came across with established Central Coast performers was the worry ‘too much training will ruin their individual sound’. They do not want to become the cookie-cutter, perfect singer, and we agree!

Training is about developing your sound, your brand, your identity. Expanding your skill set and stamina, in a way that enhances your individuality – this is key to success in a competitive industry. Singers are vocal athletes, requiring stamina, flexibility, strength and control – the more a voice is being used, the more important training is. Think of the athlete who trains exhaustively to make it to a professional level – when they get there, training does not stop; instead, training intensifies due to the increased demand on their body.

Training for established performers generally includes:

  • Vocal Health & Hygiene – making sure you are always in good voice
  • Range & Repertoire extension
  • Managing the ever changing voice – guiding you through vocal maturity
  • Technique maintenance – you’d be surprised how many singers forget the importance of basic technique
  • Style/Genre coaching
  • Career advice


With our versatile range of professional vocal coaches available, finding your “Right Vocal Coach” is easy at Elite Vocal Academy. Singing Lessons Central Coast Tutorials – Premier vocal coaching studio.

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