Guitar Lessons Central Coast

Guitar Lessons Central Coast

Central Coast’s leading studio in Guitar Lessons – Technique – Theory – Performance

You will focus on technique, theory and work towards achievable milestones. Mastering your goals is easier with a coach by your side.

Guitar Lessons Central Coast – Elite Vocal Academy

Guitar lessons are a discipline, like sport, art or any refined skill, ability comes with dedication, practice & knowledge. Guitar is the perfect instrument in finding your creative self while mastering some of the greatest songs of all time!

AMEB Grading tranining systems to track acurate progress.

Our teachers are professional educators with a serious passion for sharing skills and education. We have a commitment to constant improvement and betterment for ourselves and our students. Fully qualified and complete working with children checks.

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Hard Work Beats Talent – When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

Guitar Lessons for Beginners – (One on One) 

Our packages include the following essential items with your enrollment:

  • Guitar Lessons and tuition with our experienced tertiary qualified staff – (one-on-one, for best results)
  • Access to available studio resources – learning resources, instruments, books, sound equipment etc.



  • Sight Reading
  • Single note pieces
  • Open Chords
  • Bar Chords
  • Jazz Chords
  • How to spell a Chord
  • Strum Patterns
  • Chord Arpeggios
  • Simple melodies for progression
  • Sight Reading
  • Chord Chart Reading
  • Tab Reading
  • Note Names and Chord Tones
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Interval and scale training
  • Musical Styles- Contemporary, Rock, Blues, Jazz
  • Access to Music and guitar Resources
  • Guitar Solos and Improvisation 


Advanced Guitar Lessons – (One on one)

The quest to master an instrument is an ongoing one. It’s a life long journey. One on one coaching and development is a passion of ours. Taking the wealth of knowlage you have already acquired and looking at new techniques and points of view can totally change the way you approach and perform music. Improvisation sessions and feedback bundled with new techniques and fundamentals build strong and great strides in your career.

  • Study of Modes
  • Advanced Scales
  • Complex Chords
  • Jazz Chords
  • Soloing
  • Soling Over Chords and Chord Progressions
  • Octaves and intervals
  • Sweep Picking, Speed Playing, Finger tapping
  • Solo Guitar Playing


Advance your playing and speed up your learning, One on one coaching and training to reach your musical goals. Guitar Lessons Central Coast premier teaching school. Local for your convenience. 

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