Studio Policy

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Opening Hours
Elite Vocal Academy is open Monday to Fridays 3pm – 8pm. We close only for Public Holidays and Mid-Year break.
We run Semesters instead of Terms and are open from:
• The 2nd week back in January all the way through to the July School Holidays.
• We reopen first week back into the 3rd School Term & run till the end of Term 4 (School Christmas Holidays).

Holidays and giving notice We understand that many of our clients are school age students whose families may choose to take holidays during the 1st and 3rd School Holiday breaks. As we are open during these times, and consider them as purely ‘non-school days’, please let us know the dates you intend to be away so we don’t expect you at your lesson
(see Missed lessons).

Lesson Times & Punctuality Elite Vocal Academy requires students to arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled tuition time. Most lessons are scheduled consecutively; therefore, the finishing times for lessons that start late due to tardiness will not be extended.

Lesson Scheduling Scheduling is established with the mutual agreement of the teacher and student, subject to the availability of open lesson times. If, during a Semester, a student wishes to change a lesson time, the Studio Director will arrange this change according to teacher availabilities.

Missed Lessons If a student is to miss a lesson for any reason, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for the lesson fee to be wavered. Cancellations made on the same day as the scheduled lesson will be charged to the student.

Fee refunds and withdrawal procedures If for any reason a teacher is unable to attend their student’s lesson, notice will be given and there will be no fee. If payment has been made ahead of the lesson, the amount will be forwarded to the next lesson. Otherwise, if another teacher is available during the scheduled lesson time, a lesson can be booked with them. We endeavour to keep continuity from teacher to teacher.

Expectations for practice and lesson preparation Each teacher has different expectations for a students practice regime and lesson preparation. This often depends on the students experience and/or level of ability. Both students and parents will have a chance to discuss what is expected of a student at the initial consultation. If there is any confusion during the Semester, parents and students are welcome to contact the Studio and talk directly to the teacher and the Studio Director.

Expectation of parent involvement Parents are a very important part of any child’s development. We encourage all parents to become as involved as they can in their child’s musical future.
Parents are encouraged to attend their child’s initial consultation to find out how they can help their child’s progress regarding practice and lesson preparation.

Status of students at the Studio outside of lesson time Students are to be picked up immediately after their lesson. If a student is required to be at the Studio for more than 30 minutes either side of the lesson, a parent or guardian must notify reception.

Final authority on repertoire and other pedagogical matters Each teacher employs different *pedagogical techniques. This includes song choice. Student and teacher working together to find the perfect song is always encouraged. However, if there are particular skills to be learnt or they find the lyrics unsuitable, the teacher will have final say on song choice.
If for any reason the students or parents are unhappy with the respective pedagogical approach, the Elite Vocal Academy encourages them to speak to the Studio Director. The Studio Director will then speak to the teacher to resolve any issues. If the issue is unable to be resolved, the client will be offered a different teacher.

*Pedagogical – is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education; it thus concerns the study and practice of how best to teach. Its aims range from the general to the narrower specifics of vocational education.

Matters to be handled at the sole discretion of the teacher All matters of misbehaviour or lack of preparation will be handled at the sole discretion of the teacher. Should problems continue, the Studio Director will be notified and the parent/guardian contacted. The teacher and parent/guardian will then work together to solve the problem.

Acceptable times and methods for contacting the teacher

Under NO circumstances are students to contact their teacher directly outside lesson times as it is in breach of NSW Child Safety Laws. This contact includes all social media sites. Clients are to contact the Studio, who will then pass on the message to the respective teacher.

Parking at the Studio Parking is available to the right of Elite Vocal Academy. Due to Fire Safety Laws, clients are NOT permitted to park in the front Studio driveway.

Use and return of loaned material Instruments are available for loan through Elite Vocal Academy. Please enquire through Elite Vocal reception regarding availability and rates. Students will be required to complete a rental contract before taking an instrument off the premises.

Requirements for participation in Studio recital and outside events Students will be given the option of performing at Elite Vocal Academy events. While these events are not compulsory, we ask parents to encourage their child to take part, as it is invaluable experience, particularly for beginners.

Fees and acceptable methods of payment and times Initial consultations must be settled at the time of the lesson. All fees, purchases, consultations, workshops, and events are payable through the Elite Vocal Academy’s standard payment methods: Cash or Credit/Direct Debit into the Elite Vocal Academy account. Credit Card transactions will incur a $2.00 fee. There is no EFTPOS machine on site.
Reminder invoices will be sent the Monday before that weeks scheduled lesson (see Missed Lessons). All accounts must be settled within the respective week unless a payment for the Semester has been made upfront.

Any additional required one-time fees or expenses • Sheet Music – Elite Vocal Academy conforms to all copywrite/licensing laws as outlined by APRA/AMCOS. If performing in public, students are required to purchase a private copy of any required sheet music. Elite Vocal Academy recommends sheet music to be purchased through the reception.

• Backing tracks – These tracks are to be ordered through the Elite Vocal Academy – costing is subject to song selection and any changes that need to be made to said track.

• Concert fees – A small fee will be required for guests of performing students. Students have free entry.