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We are a premium Central Coast academy of music for amateur and professional Musicians. Our studio and professional staff provide a supportive, fun and creative lesson environment for our students, allowing them to become the best musicians and artists they can be – whether singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons or musicianship lessons.

Whether you’re looking to become a professional musician, or simply to share our passion for music, we would love to create a personalised learning method for you – we specialise in singing Lessons, guitar Lessons, Saxophone & piano Lessons and instruction for contemporary artists.

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Learning with Elite Vocal Academy

Education is a passion of ours and we provide access to the very best teachers. Our dedication to our own constant training and improvement allow you access to the latest principles and training techniques available. Mixing these with classic, time proven teaching methods, we ensure your progress and learning at the highest standard which is how we can provide the best vocal lessons.

We provide lesson for Adults, Children, Professional and Amateurs. Our teachers are all professionals teaching and working in the music industry giving us the experience and skill to teach, coach and advise across all genres of Music, Theory and Performance.

The Vocal Academy runs a two semester teaching year, breaking for two weeks mid year and at Christmas for a short break.

One on one lessons provide the fastest way to your success and allow professional, personal and tailored coaching to attain your goals.

Please call  43656636 to find out any more information or send us an email below. We look forward to working on your goals and developing your dreams.

How We Work at Elite Vocal Academy

Our passion is creating exceptional musicians through training and amazing tuition. Be it your childs future or your own, building complete musicians is where we shine. We offer 2 performances each year in professional venues to give all of our studnets experience working on stage, with lights, and microphones. Elite Vocal Academy lessons include performance skills. Knowing how to move on stage is a learnt skill just like singing or an instrument.

Preparing our students for busking and self accompaniment is also something we encourage. Though its not compulsery, it helps enormously to be able to play the guitar or play the piano whilst you sing. Just like each of the disiplines themself, the performance of both at the same time takes practice and time, and there is training and teaching for all of this as well. Being able to play an instrument help with songwritting and understanding how the functions of music work and integrate. A melody is an important and strong part of any song, but a deep and thorough understanding of how music works, flows and is built develops a full and well rounded musician.

We teach with strong goals in mind. We use programs and materials from a mix of disiplines. AMEB is a favourate of ours. It fully encompasses music as a whole. We teach with scales and songs. Warm ups and warm downs are very important and we place an enormous focus on safe singing with correct technique. We have many students coming to us with voice problems because we have the experience, skills and network of professionals to help vocalists correct these problems.

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